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36658 Rise of the Bow-bots (SOUND INNOVATIONS)

Meyer, Richard Score
mp3 audio
Category: String Orchestra; Methods/Collections
Grade: Easy
Duration: 3:00
Instrumentation: str=8.8(5).5.5.5,(pf accomp)
Comments: Megalift, The Hookinator, Slurtron. Correlates with Sound Innovations Book 1, Level 4. Includes Educational Packs for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass (1 copy each).
Description: Rise of the Bow-Bots is a creative offering by Richard Meyer that will be as much fun to play as it will be to teach. The Bow-bots are alive and invading your orchestra room! This colorful selection is perfect for your students to work on their bow lifts, hooks, and slurs. Very simple note patterns (left hand) will allow young musicians to concentrate on their bowings (right hand), and the minor key and modal harmonies will set their imaginations wild as they picture the rise of "Megalift," the "Hookinator," and "Slurtron."

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Set (Includes Strings 8·8·5·5·5)
Extra Score


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