#40730 Expressive Techniques for Orchestra

Composer: Kathleen DeBerry Brungard, Michael Alexander, Sandra Dackow, Gerald E. Anderson

Are you tired of juggling multiple technique books to teach scales, etudes, warm-ups, shifting, positions, vibrato, and tone production? Expressive Techniques for Orchestra offers a wealth of technical and musical experiences for the advanced middle school through upper-level high school student under one cover. This all-in-one book follows any published Book II, but is much more than just a Book III. It may be used sequentially or by individual units, as needed.

• Warm-ups
• Orchestra Stretches
• String Calisthenics
• Tuning Procedures
• Rhythmic Studies
• Vibrato
• Chorales and Etudes
• Natural Harmonics
• Shifting
• Upper Positions Taught Through Finger Patterns
• Violin and Viola II, III, IV, and V Positions
• Cello II, II½, III, IV, and Thumb Positions
• String Bass II, II½, III, III½, IV, V, V½, and Thumb Positions
• Scales and Arpeggios
• Violin, Viola, and Cello: Two and Three Octaves
• String Bass: One and Two Octaves
• Velocity and Bowing Studies
• Unison or Mixed Level Class Use
• Alternate Clefs for All Instruments
• Solo and String Orchestra Performance Pieces
• Musical Period and Bowing Styles
• Composer Biographies and Historical Context
• Sight Reading Chart
• Piano Keyboard
Score: $49.95 Parts: $9.95


Expressive Sight-Reading for Orchestra

Composer: Michael Alexander, Kathleen DeBerry Brungard, Sandra Dackow

Expressive Sight-Reading for Orchestra offers a sequential approach to teaching sight-reading in the string ensemble. Applicable to performing ensembles from middle school through high school, it provides a comprehensive curriculum for group sight-reading instruction.

#40823 Book 1

• Over 45 sequenced sight-reading pieces arranged for string orchestra by Michael Alexander and Sandra Dackow plus teacher Sight-Reading notes written for each arrangement by Kathleen DeBerry Brungard.
• Includes 140 sequential sight-reading exercises applying the latest research in string pedagogy
• Materials organized into 12 units which progressively address bowing styles, rhythms, meter, and key (D, G, C Major; b, e, a minor).
• Pre-test/Post-test in each unit for assessing individual student progress.
• Units 1-6 contains: Rhythm reading exercises; Scale warm-ups; A unison reading; 4-6 orchestra readings (Violin I & II, Viola, Cello & Bass)
• Units 7-12 contains: Scale warm-ups for each piece; Longer orchestra readings.

Score: $44.95 Parts: $12.95

#40835 Book 2

• 29 Individual sight-reading pieces selected from the symphonic repertoire, arranged by for string orchestra by Sandra Dackow and Michael Alexander
• Sight-Reading notes for the teacher written for each arrangement by Kathleen DeBerry Brungard
•Materials arranged into 3 Units organized by hierarchy of Meter, Rhythms, and Key
•Pre-test/Posttest for each unit for assessing individual student progress
•Unit 1 contains: Repertoire in Primary Keys, Meters, and Rhythms (Book I Review)
•Unit 2 contains: Repertoire in New Meters and Rhythms
•Unit 3 contains: Repertoire in New Keys: A, E, F, B-flat, E-flat, A-flat Major as well as F-sharp, D, G, C, F Minor

Score: $44.95 Parts: $9.95


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