Account Information
+Question: What is my username?
+Question: What comes in a set of parts?
+Question: How do I read your wind instrumentation?
+Question: How many strings will I get in my set?
+Question: Why does my C set have a slightly different string count?
+Question: What is a transposed part?
+Question: Are transposed parts included in the set?
+Question: How do I order percussion parts?
+Question: I know exactly what I am looking for and I'm sure you sell it, but I get no results when I search. How can I find it?
+Question: I would like a particular aria or section from an opera or ballet, but I can’t find it in your catalog. Do you have it?
+Question: Can I download music from your website?
+Question: Why is there a $10 minimum?
+Question: Can I get a 10% discount on my order?
+Question: Can I order an Urtext edition score with a reprint set of parts?
+Question: How do I know if a piece requires that I purchase a minimum of 10 chorus parts?
+Question: The piece I am ordering has multiple keys in the title. How do I get the key I want?
+Question: Why can I order some individual parts but not others?
+Question: What is the difference between a score and an extra score?
+Question: How can I tell if an item is on backorder? What happens if an item is on backorder?
+Question: Why does it look like my credit card has been charged twice?
+Question: What shipping options are available in the United States?
+Question: How much does domestic shipping cost?
+Question: How can I receive free shipping?
+Question: Can I ship USPS?
+Question: Can I ship to a P.O. Box?
+Question: What shipping options are available outside of the United States?
+Question: How much does international shipping cost?
+Question: How will my backorders be shipped?
Approval Service
+Question: How can I determine if I would like a piece of music before purchasing it?
+Question: How do I request a perusal score?
+Question: What is the difference between an exam score and an option score?
+Question: Can a set of parts be sent on approval?
+Question: How many perusal scores can I have at a time?
+Question: Can I return the music I purchased?
+Question: I purchased a reprint edition but have decided that I would prefer an Urtext edition. Can I exchange it?
+Question: How long is your rental period?
+Question: What is included with a rental?
+Question: What is NOT included with a rental?
+Question: Will the strings in my rental set be bowed?
+Question: How far in advance can a rental be reserved?
+Question: Why is there a rental deposit for certain items?
+Question: Why are certain pieces only available for rent?
+Question: Can I rent just one part or score?
+Question: Why can’t I rent pieces through the website?
+Question: What happens if I lose or damage a part of my rental?
+Question: Our performance was cancelled and our rental set is no longer needed. Can it be returned early?
+Question: What do I do if a rental set is not available for my performance date?
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