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39071 MISERABLES, LES: Selections from the Motion Picture (FLEX SERIES)

Boublil, Alain (Arr. Vinson, Johnnie) Score
mp3 audio
Category: Full Orchestra; String Orchestra
Grade: Medium Easy
Duration: 6:00
Instrumentation: Flexible instrumentation - See pdf.
Comments: Part of the Flex-Band Series - Flexible instrumentation for brass, woodwinds, or strings includes percussion. Also composed by: Schoenberg, Natel, Krentzner. Look Down, I Dreamed a Dream, Master of the House, Suddenly, Do You Hear the People Sing.
Description: From the powerful motion picture adaptation of the Broadway classic, here is a terrific sounding medley scored for flexible instrumentation and playable with just about any combination of players. Includes: Look Down, I Dreamed a Dream, Suddenly, Master of the House, and Do You Hear the People Sing?

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Set (Includes Strings AS INDICATED)
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