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40835 Expressive Sight Reading for Orchestra, Book 2

Alexander, Michael
Category: Methods/Collections; String Orchestra
Instrumentation: violin I,violin II,viola,cello,bass
Comments: Also composed by: Dackow, Brungard. Excerpts include: Mozart/Dackow – SERENADE NO. 9 “POSTHORN” K. 320: Finale; Mahler/Dackow – SYMPHONY NO. 1: 2nd movement; Dvorak/Alexander – CELLO CONCERTO IN b OP. 104: 1st movement (Introduction); Tschaikowsky/Alexander – SYMPHONY NO. 5 OP. 64: 1st movement; Beethoven/Alexander – SYMPHONY NO. 7 OP. 92: 2nd movement; Massenet/Dackow – LE CID: Aubade; Mozart/Dackow – LUCIO SILLA K. 135: Overture; Mozart/Dackow – SYMPHONY NO. 7 K. 45: Finale; Mozart/Dackow – DIVERTIMENTO NO. 2 K. 131: Finale; Haydn/Dackow – SYMPHONY NO. 73 “LA CHASSE”: 4th movement; Bach/Alexander – CANTATA NO. 147: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring; Tschaikowsky/Alexander – SYMPHONY NO. 5: 2nd movement; Borodin/Alexander – SYMPHONY NO. 3: 1st movement Scherzo; Tschaikowsky – SYMPHONY NO. 6 “PATHETIQUE” OP. 74: 2nd movement; Vivaldi/Alexander – GLORIA: Cum Sancto Spiritu; Rimsky-Korsakov/Dackow – Russian Easter Overture; Corelli – CONCERTO GROSSO OP. 6 NO. 8 “CHRISTMAS”: 3rd movement; Strauss/Alexander – EMPEROR WALTZES OP. 437: Waltz No. 4; Mozart/Alexander – REQUIEM K. 626: 3rd movement “Dies Irae”; Tschaikowsky/Alexander – March Slav Op. 31; Mozart/Alexander – SYMPHONY NO. 25 K. 183: 1st movement; Rimsky-Korsakov/Dackow – CAPRICCIO ESPAGNOL: Fandango Asturiano; Haydn/Alexander – SYMPHONY NO. 45 “FAREWELL”: 1st movement; Mozart/Alexander – SYMPHONY NO. 39 K. 543: Minuetto & Trio; Beethoven/Alexander – PIANO CONCERTO NO. 3 OP. 37: Rondo; Smetana/Alexander – MY COUNTRY (MA VLAST): The Moldau; Bagley/Alexander – NATIONAL EMBLEM MARCH: Trio and Conclusion; Beethoven/Alexander – Egmont Op. 84 Overture; Dvorak/Alexander – Romance Op. 1.
Description: Expressive Sight-Reading for Orchestra offers a sequential approach to teaching sight-reading in the string ensemble. Applicable to performing ensembles from middle school through high school, it provides a comprehensive curriculum for group sight-reading instruction. Features: 29 Individual sight-reading pieces selected from the symphonic repertoire, arranged for string orchestra by Sandra Dackow and Michael Alexander; Sight-Reading notes for the teacher written for each arrangement by Kathleen DeBerry Brungard; Materials arranged into 3 units by hierarchy of Meter, Rhythms, and Key; Pre-test/Posttest in each unit for assessing individual student progress. Unit 1 contains: Repertoire in Primary Keys, Meters, and Rhythms (Book 1 Review). Unit 2 contains: Repertoire in New Meters and Rhythms: Meters include 2/4, ¾, 4/4, Cut Time, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8, 5/8, 5/4, 4/2, 5/2; New Rhythms include: Syncopation in Cut Time, Eighth note Triplet vs. Dotted Eighth-Sixteenth note, rhythmic groupings: “in 1”, “alla breve”, and divided 4/4 (in 8). Unit 3 contains: Repertoire in New Keys: A, E, F, Bb, Eb, Ab Major as well as f#, d, g, c, and f Minor. Unit Format: Pretest/Posttest (found in teacher guide); Scale studies on bowings/keys (1-2); Sequenced string orchestra pieces (Unit 1: 6 pieces, Unit 2: 11 pieces, Unit 3: 12 pieces).

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