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58653 Basque Carol, A (Gabriel's Message) (Recorder/flute/violin/Soprano/Alto solo)

(Arr. Thomas, Chris) Score
mp3 audio
Category: String Orchestra
Grade: Medium Difficult
Duration: 3:00
Instrumentation: str=,(pf),sol S rec(/fl/vn),(SATB chs/sol)
Comments: Piano in score only. Includes a quote from Jesu Bambino. Can be performed with solo or chorus with orchestra.
Description: A Basque Carol (also known as Gabriel’s Message) originated from the 13th or 14th century. In this warm and joyous setting, cinematic style is combined with rich, thickly-textured string voicings inspired by composer Ralph Vaughn Williams. This graceful arrangement features an obbligato line on solo recorder (optional solo flute or violin). It may be performed by orchestra and soloist alone, or with Soprano and Alto choir (or S/A soloists). There is even a moment quoted from another favorite holiday carol, Jesu Bambino. A lovely addition to your next holiday program!

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Set (Includes Strings 8·8·5·5·5)
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