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66048 Byzantine Dances (FLEX)

Chambers, Carol Brittin Score
mp3 audio
Category: Full Orchestra; String Orchestra
Grade: Medium Easy
Duration: 3:00
Instrumentation: Flexible instrumentation - See pdf.
Comments: Part of the Flexcel Series - Flexible instrumentation for as little as 5 wind/string players and percussion. Premiered at 2018 MidWest Clinic.
Description: Carol Brittin Chamber’s awesome Byzantine Dances has been set for flexible ensemble. Playable with as few as 5 wind/string players and percussion, this accessible concert piece is perfect for small ensemble rehearsal, performance, or as a planning piece for when your ensemble comes back together in force. Each Flexcel series work comes with a letter for proof of copyright permission as well as a digital download coupon so you can get the music to your students in the most efficient and safest way possible.

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Set (Includes Strings AS INDICATED)
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