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70865 String Training Worksheets for Beginning Strings, Book 1

Griesinger, Kathryn
Category: Methods/Collections; String Orchestra
Instrumentation: violin,viola,cello,bass
Comments: Set includes score and 1 copy of vn, va, vc, db.
Description: String Training is a collection of 80 reproducible worksheets for the beginning-to-intermediate orchestra classroom or private lesson studio. Twenty stand-alone units provide brief writing and playing excerpts that can be used for assessment or tuning work during the first five minutes of class. Each unit is designed to develop fundamental skills in note-recognition, finger patterns, key signatures, meter, rhythms, and sight-reading. New notes are presented in tetrachord patterns to help students learn intervals, scales, and arpeggios which are summarized on the final page of each unit. Every exercise is meant to be written, counted, sung, and played to allow students to focus on one music element at a time. They may also be used solely for sight-reading practice. Progressive exercises range from rudimentary quarter notes to sixteenth and dotted rhythms, compound meter, and syncopation in the keys of D, G, C, F, and A major. The flexible worksheets can be used multiple ways to fit your teaching pace and sequence, with space to notate fingerings, note-names, bowings, counting, or even solfege syllables. Violin, viola, cello, and bass books are compatible (unison) in appropriate ranges for the respective instrument, and each book includes supplemental fingerboard charts and instrument and bow part diagrams. The teacher manual provides a page-for-page snapshot of all four instrument worksheets, student resource pages, and additional assessment materials.

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