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L11078 CLASSICAL DESTINATIONS: Scandinavia (Grieg, Sibelius)

Grieg, Edvard
Category: Methods/Collections
Comments: Contains DVD, CD-ROM, Hi-Def video, audio, MIDI, interactive quizzes, and orchestral scores to introduce key concepts of classical music. Grades 5-12. 13+ estimated classroom usage hours.
Description: Classical Destinations is a unique multimedia curriculum that introduces the world of classical music to young people in grades five through twelve. This innovative product will allow students and teachers to travel through six multimedia destinations, each one a journey through the music and culture of a particular country. The six destinations include Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Russia and Scandinavia, available as individual products or in a boxed set of six. Each destination kit includes a DVD and CD-Rom, and the carefully structured units consist of easy-to-use HI-Definition video, audio, MIDI, interactive quizzes and specially-designed orchestral scores to introduce key concepts of classical music (more than 13 classroom hours).

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