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01150 Psalm and Fugue, Op. 40a

Hovhaness, Alan 1911 - 2000 Score
Style: 20th Century
Publisher: C. F. Peters
Instrumentation: str
Duration: 11:00
State Info: FL(A), GA(6), NY(5), TX(5)
Comments: Sandra Dackow Little Known Gem. A work of intermediate difficulty, the Psalm and Fugue includes extensive use of divisi throughout the violin, viola and cello parts. Wonderful soli passages in the Psalm feature the viola section at an Andante tempo. The Fugue is not technically difficult, and unfolds at a moderate tempo. Fifth position for first violin and thumb position notes are required for cello, both in a logical manner. The greatest challenge of this intriguing work is to sustain the sound and intensity.

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Set (Includes Strings 5·5·3·3·3)
Violin I
Violin II


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