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01616 Three Mannheimer Sinfonien (G,A,B) for Strings

Stamitz, Johann 1717 - 1757 (Ed. Hoffmann) Score
Style: Classical
Reprint: Moseler Verlag
Instrumentation: str
State Info: NY(4), TX(5)
Comments: Sandra Dackow Little Known Gem - Grade IV+. Ed. by Hoffmann. This delightful set of works in the keys of G, A, and B-flat major takes full advantage of multiple stops, chords, and fiddle writing that lays easily under the hand and is fun to play. The fast movements are vigorous and the contrasting slow movements are not particularly fussy or florid, though they include some ornamentation. In the Allegro sections, musicians should approach the playing as they would a work by Haydn or Mozart: eighth and quarter notes off the string and at the frog, and sixteenth notes on the string. Stamitz’s players would have followed the general rule of the down bow, where the strong beat would begin with a down bow. In Concerto No. 1 in G, the Violin I parts reach to sixth position, requiring high G’s. Unusual writing for its time, these passages are both logical and easy for players to find and hear. Cello and bass parts reach high F’s on occasion and require third, fourth and fifth positions. The second violin and viola parts do not require extended ranges, making this work practical for an upper intermediate orchestra. The slow movements transition between different keys and requires the low strings to use extension notes such as G-sharp and A-sharp.

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Set (Includes Strings 4·4·3·2·2)
Violin I
Violin II


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