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09876 English Suite, An

Parry, Charles Hubert 1848 - 1918 Score
Style: Romantic
Reprint: Novello & Co. Ltd.
Instrumentation: str
Duration: 14:00
State Info: FL(A), TX(3), TX(4), TX(5)
Comments: Sandra Dackow Little Known Gem - Grade V. Prelude, In Minuet Style, Sarabande, Caprice, Pastoral, Air, Frolic. Containing seven fun to play sections, each movement in An English Suite has approachable technical demands while not being too lengthy. The Prelude is neo-Baroque, where Baroque rhythms are combined with Victorian harmonies. Sounding more difficult than it actually is to play, this movement is busy with violin passages that reach high G’s. In Minuet Style has lovely lines for viola and charmingly couples an older form with more advanced harmonic language. The Saraband offers drama and resembles the style and writing of Elgar. There are high G’s for both cello and bass, but the passages are logical and fall under the hand easily. Most technically difficult, the Caprice is a diversion requiring precision, speed, and technique to maneuver through changing harmonies and tonalities. The retro Pastoral was written in a manner similar to the Gavotte from Grieg’s Holberg Suite, while the Air contains effective alternation of solo notes with tutti textures. The final Frolic movement is a fun fiddle tune that is great for featuring the first and second violin sections. It has also served as a theme song for one of New York’s classical music stations. Keep arco accompaniments at the frog and off the string during repetitive rhythmic passages and in pizzicato sections, as they can easily be rushed.

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Set (Includes Strings 4·4·3·2·2)
Violin I
Violin II


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