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10808 Serenade, Op. 11

Wiren, Dag Ivar 1905 - 1986 Score
Style: 20th Century
Instrumentation: str
Duration: 14:00
Comments: Sandra Dackow Little Known Gem - Grade V. Preludium, Andante espressivo, Scherzo, March. Written in a retro, Swedish neo-Classical style, the four-movement Serenade for Strings offers easily hummed tunes presented with grace and good humor. The Preludium offers inner rhythm of nearly consistent sixteenth note figures including written divisi in thirds. Many beautiful lines for cello and viola are found in the Andante Espressivo, which also has a few high passages for violin, reaching high G’s and A’s. The Scherzo is the most technically challenging movement, with quickly shifting tonalities and high, rapid passages that must be kept at the frog and off the string. Finally, the March, reminiscent of toy soldiers or a music box, contains several tricky passages and high notes for the first violins. This charming piece is popular with students!! See #40907 for Sandra Dackow's Expressive Gems edition.

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Set (Includes Strings 4·4·3·2·2)
Violin I
Violin II


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