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11244 Schindler's List for Violin and Orchestra, Three Pieces from (John Williams Signature Edition)

Williams, John 1932 -
Style: 20th Century
Publisher: John Williams Signature Ed.
Instrumentation: Main Theme = 2DALTO.0+1.3D1.2/,vib,hp,cel,str=,solo vn. Jewish Town = 3D1DALT.1+1.3D1.2+1/,timp,1 perc,hp,cel,str= Remembrance = 2.1+1.3D1.1/,hp,str=,solo vn (through-out).
Solo: Violin
Duration: 14:00
Comments: Professional Pops Edition - This item does not qualify for discount. Schindler's List Main Theme, Jewish Town, Remembrance. Instrumentation different for each movement. Solo violin throughout. Solo (no pf) in set and printed as 3 separate parts, each movement printed separately. Solo for entire work = 3 parts. Solo/pf sold separately - doesn't exactly match the edition in the set. See #13795 for Cello solo version of Theme. Violin Version Main Theme in C, different from Cello version (Bb modulating to F).

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