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11362 Concertino No. 2 in G (Pergolesi)

Ricciotti, Carlo 1681 - 1756 Score
Style: Baroque
Reprint: Barenreiter Verlag (Kassel)
Instrumentation: cem,str=2-2-2-
Duration: 12:00
State Info: TX(4), TX(5)
Comments: Sandra Dackow Little Known Gem - Grade IV. cembalo in set. Attributed to Pergolesi. From the collection Six Concertini for Strings, No. 2 in G is, in many ways, the most fun of the set. With very modest technical demands, this robust selection offers thematic material for all sections. The violins are divided into four sections, making it possible to assign intermediate players to lower parts. First violins reach fifth position and there is shifting required of the cellos and basses. Short eighth and quarter notes should be kept at the frog, while more bow may be used for sixteenth notes. Transitional writing with many V7 chords brings the best of the Baroque and Classical eras together, creating a piece that is both rich and intriguing! At different times on recordings and, in some cases, print, the set of Six Concertini for Strings has been credited to Giovanni Pergolesi, Unico Wilhelm van Wassenauer, Carlo Ricciotti, and Johann Adam Birkenstock. The present consensus is that these works are from the pen of Unico Wilhelm van Wassenauer (1692-1766) of the Netherlands, though published under the name of Carlo Ricciotti, an Italian violinist and impresario. Ricciotti continues to be credited with the work in present day, furthering the mystery around the true composer of this delightful piece of music.

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