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11589 Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra

Vaughan Williams, Ralph 1872 - 1958
Style: 20th Century
Instrumentation: Concertino=; Tutti=; Ad Lib=1.1-1 open string.1-1 open string.1-1 open string.1 open string
Duration: 17:00
State Info: FL(A), GA(6), TX(5)
Comments: Concertino parts for skilled players, Tutti parts for those who can play in third position and simple double stops, and Ad-Lib Orchestras for less experienced players including open string part options. Set contains 1 of each part = 18 string parts total in set. Intrada, Burlesca Ostinata, Sarabande, Scherzo, March and Reprise.

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Set (Includes Strings AS INDICATED)


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