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13182 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Symphonic Highlights from

Zimmer, Hans 1957 - (Arr. Lavender, Paul) Score
Style: 20th Century
Publisher: Hal Leonard Music
Instrumentation: 2D1.1.2+1.1/,timp,5 perc,str=
Duration: 6:00
Comments: Incl: Hoist the Colours, Singapore, Drink Up Me Harties, I See Dead People in Boats, Up is Down. Grade=MD.
Description: With some brilliant new themes along with familiar strains from the first two films, this third and final chapter promises to be the best yet. Hans Zimmer's powerful musical backdrop sets the adventure level at an all-time high for those orchestras who love to play film music. Includes: Hoist the Colors, Drink Up Me Harties, I See Dead People in Boats, and Up is Down.

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Set (Includes Strings 8·8·5·5·5)
Extra Score


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