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13277 Peter Pan, Suite for Orchestra with Narrator (Symphony Pops Series)

Howard, James Newton 1951 - (Arr. Russ, Patrick)
Style: 20th Century
Instrumentation: 3D1.2+1.3D1.2(+1)/,timp,6 perc,hp,cel,pf,str=,narr,(child S solo),(SATB chs)
Duration: 23:00
Language: English
Comments: Professional Pops Edition - This item does not qualify for discount. Narrator, Child soprano solo, and 40 chs in set. The Beginning, Dreams in a Drawer, Tinkerbell, Learning to Fly Part I, Learning to Fly Part II, Captain Hook, Fairy Dance, Kidnap and Swordfight, The Flying Ship, Homecoming, Peter Returns.

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