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13749 Rolling Thunder

Fillmore, Henry 1956 - (Arr. Beversluis, Nate) Score
Instrumentation: 2+1.2.2+Eb.2/,timp,perc,str
Duration: 3:00
Comments: Professional Pops edition. Original key if F, Db.
Description: Written in 1916 by Henry Fillmore, “Rolling Thunder” is an example of the “screamer” genre: a fast and furious march intended to rouse the audience at circuses. It has since become well-known in the band world as a trombone section feature and is associated both with World War I and the Vietnam War. Available for the first time in transcription for symphony orchestra, this bombastic arrangement features an additional iteration of the trio to feature the string section, followed by a finale with even more virtuosic trombone parts than the original. This is a great choice for patriotic, outdoor, or children's concerts, or any concert needing a rousing and bombastic encore. Should be played as fast as possible!

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Set (Includes Strings 8·8·5·5·5)


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