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13752 Family for Baby Grand for Narrator and Orchestra, A

Ross, Brad 1957 - A Introduction
B Violin
C Piccolo
D Piano 1
E Viola
F Xylophone
G Tuba
H Oboe and Horn
I Cello and Bass
J Clarinet
K Piano II
L Trumpet
M Flute
N Finale
Instrumentation:,timp,perc,pf,str,male/female narr
Duration: 33:00
Comments: The story of a baby grand piano who leaves home for the first time to join an orchestra. The local orchestra needs a piano for their concert and Baby Grand is their first choice. Though separating from Mama Grand seems scary and making new friends is not always easy, Baby Grand makes a thrilling debut -- thanks to the sweetness of Violin, the advice of blaring Trumpet, the friendliness of Clarinet, the humor of big-mouthed Tuba, and the kindness of Flute, who becomes her new best friend. This charming tale introduces children to the sounds and personalities of the instruments of the orchestra with witty dialogue and a snappy score that keep young ears tuned in.
Description: A baby grand piano joins a symphony orchestra. After conquering fear and loneliness, Baby Grand makes a stunning debut with her new found family, the Orchestra!

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