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A22600 To Hope! A Celebration: A Mass in the Revised Roman Ritual

Brubeck, Dave 1920 - Score
Performance Material from: Luck's Music Library
Publisher: Alfred Music
Instrumentation:,timp,2 perc,org,cel,str,SATB soli,SATB chs Perc = tubular bells[opt. orch bells/bell lyre]crotales, susp cym, dumbeg (clay drum) or bongos, timbales, tamb, cast, sd, vibes, chimes, bd.
Duration: 40:00
Comments: 1. Processional 2:58; 2. Lord, Have Mercy Kyrie) 2:19; 3. The Desert and the Parched Land 3:20; 4. The Peace of Jerusalem (Responsorial) 8:06; 5. Alleluia 7:37; 6. Father, All Powerful 2:15; 7. Holy, Holy, Holy 3:38; 8. While He Was At Supper 3:29; 9. When We Eat This Bread (Memorial Acclamation) 4:07; 10. Through Him, With Him (Doxology) :50; 11. Great Amen 1:48; 12. Our Father (and Doxology) 3:23; 13. Lamb of God 1:40; 14. All My Hope 6:33; 15. Gloria 3:18
Description: Commissioned by Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. Optional handbells written into the choral score. See #A22600 for chs.

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