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ALF0188 Suite from "42" (Alfred Rental Library)

Isham, Mark 1951 - (Ed. Dechter)
Instrumentation: 3D1D 2alt.3D1.2+1.2+,timp,4 perc,hp,pf/cel,str Perc = xyl, 2 marimbas, vib, chimes, mark tree, susp cym, tam-tam, lrg tam-tam, gran cassa, sd, taiko drm (or low concert tom).
Duration: 13:00
Comments: 1. Jackie is Brought Up (1:35; ms 1-23 4m29B), 2. Jackie's Style of Baseball (1:40; 24-82 2m13), 3. Jackie Steals (0:50; 82-95 5m36), 4. Why Are You Doing This? (3:00; 96-150 3m17), 5. Jackie Robinson (6:00; 150-end 7m44/45)
Description: World Premiere: June 13, 2013, New York Philharmonic, Central Park, New York. c. A Suite from the 2013 Warner Brothers film "42," the story of the legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson. Ed. Brad Dechter.

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