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ALF0300 Spirit of the Season from The Polar Express (Concert Orchestra Version) (Alfred Rental Library)

Silvestri, Alan 1950 - (Ed. Pope)
Style: 20th Century
Instrumentation: 3D1.3D1.3D1(D Eb).3D1/4.3D picc.3.1,timp,3 perc,hp,pf(/cel),str,SATB chs,treble chs Percussion 1: Orchestra Bells, Song Bells 2: Chimes, opt. Crotales, Piatti, Sus. Cymbal, Mark Tree, Tambourine 3: Sleigh Bells, Triangle, Mark Tree, Sus. Cymbal, Small Triangle, Piatti, Large Sus. Cymbal
Duration: 3:00
Description: Same arrangement as the original. Orchestration is slightly revised for standard brass, percussion sections. Ed. by Conrad Pope.

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