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ALF0353 Harry Potter Symphonic Suite (Alfred Rental Library)

Williams, John 1932 - (Ed. Fry) mp3 audio
Style: 20th Century
Instrumentation: 3D1D alt.3D1.3D1D Eb.3D1/,timp,3 perc,hp,pf/cel,str,(female solo) Perc = Orch-bells, tub-bells, xyl, vib, tamb, sm tri, slgh-bells, mark tree, bell tree, sus cyms (sm, med, lg), piatti, sizzle cym, tam-tam, sd, dumbeks(3), tom-toms(3), lg, & sm taiko dms, (or tom-toms), bd, verdi bs dm.
Duration: 24:00
Comments: 1. Prologue (#1) 1:21; 2. Hedwig's Theme (#1) 3:24; 3. Buckbeak's Flight (#3) 2:07; 4. Hogwarts' Hymn (#4) 1:14; 5. Hogwarts' March (#4) 1:22; 6. Fireworks (#5) 0:46; 7. The Flight of the Order of the Phoenix (#5) 1:23; 8. Harry & Hermione (#6) 1:37; 9. Obliviate (#7) 2:08; 10. Lily's Theme (#8) 2:00; 11. Courtyard Apocalypse (#8) 1:48; 12. Mischief Managed (#3) 0:13; 13. Harry's Wondrous World (#2) 5:00.
Description: Ed. by Gary Fry. Complete Film Series. Available for the first time for professional orchestras 11 of the most exciting themes from all eight Harry Potter films are beautifully adapted by Gary Fry into one full orchestra suite. Over the film series' ten-year period, four world-renowned composers wrote thrilling scores with memorable themes, such as "Hedwig's Theme," "Hogwart's March," "Fireworks," "Obliviate," and more. Performers and audiences alike will delight in the experience of keeping these truly magical scores alive. Also composed by: Doyle; Hooper; Desplat. Optional female voice in Lily's Theme.

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