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ALF0482 The Genesis Suite: Movement 3. Adam and Eve (Alfred Rental Library)

Tansman, Alexandre 1897 - 1986
Instrumentation: 3D1.3D1.3D1.2+1/,timp,3 perc,hp,str,narr Perc=tam-tam,sus cym,xylo,glock,vibes,mark tree.
Duration: 12:00
Description: Genesis 2:5-10, 15-25; 3:1-19. Genesis Suite = 7 movements; all available individually. Mvt 1 Prelude (Schoenberg) - Rental only through Belmont; Mvt 2 Creation Parts I & II (Shilkret) = ALF0481; Mvt 4 Cain and Abel (Milhaud) = ALF0483; Mvt 5 The Flood-Noah's Ark (Castelnuovo-Tedesco) = ALF0484; Mvt 6 The Covenant-The Rainbow (Toch) = ALF0485; Mvt 7 Babel (Stravinsky) = Rental only through European American Music. Tansman begins the first of the tales of exile. On the score, he subtitled the movement The Fall of Man. Surrounding the narrative with an instrumental introduction, several interludes, and a coda, he constructs a series of eight musical episodes, which at that time were described as "more atmospheric than descriptive." The final section, the most musically complex, is God's proclamation of exile. Tansman articulates rhythmically the voice of God, as though to emphasize the severity of the sentence.

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