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When searching our website please keep in mind that LESS IS MORE.  If you enter the catalog number, title and composer, unless it matches perfectly you will not get any results.

Using our home page search will connect you to all of our databases. To help narrow your search we recommend using the ADVANCED SEARCH and searching our specific catalogs.

Searching by Composer or Arranger

  • Entering only the last name will garner the best results in most cases.  However, in some cases adding the first name may help.  For example, typing in Susan Day's name completely or Ri Stra for Richard Strauss will narrow the search results.
  • For composers with long or difficult last names or those with numerous spellings the best results will be found by entering only a few characters.  For example Muss for Mussorgsky or Prok for Prokofiev.  Please note how we spell Tschaikowsky, he is best searched using Tsch.
  • You will be able to narrow your search further by entering information in the title field, or by selecting a pull down menu in the SPECIFIC CATALOG SEARCHES.

Searching by Title

  • Enter only keywords that distinctly identify the title you are looking for (see examples below). Avoid common words such as theand etc. Entering words like pianoSymphony or op will yield a large number of hits. You can narrow your search by including another keyword.
  • When entering most numbers use Arabic numerals.  Occasional numbering systems will use Roman numerals instead.  Words such as opus and number have been abbreviated to Op and No, respectfully.
  • When searching for a piece in a particular key do not include Major or minor in your keyword search.
  • Some keywords are cross-referenced to facilitate searches, such as sinfonia with symphony and messe and missa with mass. Not all foreign titles are cross-referenced with the English, so if you do not find what you are looking for in one language try again in another.
  • Finding works by Vivaldi can be challenging because there are so many cataloging systems. Our system primarily uses opus numbers for his works. We recommend that you narrow your search by using the “INSTRUMENT” pull down menu in the ORCHESTRA CATALOG SEARCH, or the CATEGORY pull down menu in the SOLO & ENSEMBLE SEARCH.

Searching by Catalog Number

  • Only search by catalog number if you know the complete number.  When searching by catalog number do not enter search information into other fields.  This search uses Luck's Music assigned catalog numbers only, it will not search for publisher catalog numbers.
  • When entering a Solo & Ensemble number make sure to include the "-" between sets of numbers (ex. 110-5500).


        Looking for a work by a composer with many works, such as Bach, Handel, Haydn, or Mozart can be simplified by entering the composer and something specific to the work:
       a.  J.S. Bach-Cantata No. 112
    Composer:  Bach
    Title:  112
       b.  Haydn “Lord Nelson” Mass
    Composer:  Haydn
    Title:  Nelson
       c.  Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage, Op. 112
    Composer:  beet
    Title:  calm voyage


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