Dear Orchestra Community-

Monday March 23, the Governor of the State of Michigan ordered shelter in place directive for the next three weeks. During this time, non-essential businesses must close in order to appropriately distance employees in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are taking these orders seriously and in order to protect our team, we have asked that they stay home and healthy during this period and are currently experiencing a partial shut down.

Luck's Music will continue to ship orders and answer emails during this time, but please understand that we will not be operating at our normal speed. We will do our best to proceed with orders as quickly as possible, however, they will take extra time. We thank you in advance for your patience during this difficult time.

Please note that we will NOT be answering phone calls during this time. We would like to ask that all orders be placed online via our website, or by email at sales@lucksmusic.com.

This email address will be checked daily. All orders will be processed and questions will be answered as quickly as possible, but there will be delays. Luck's Music is expected to reopen on April 14th pending any changes in the executive order from the State of Michigan. We will keep you informed of any changes. Rest assured that we will be up and operating with the normal service you are accustomed to soon!

Stay healthy and safe! Thanks again for your patience during this time!

Luck's Music Library Team

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